It has been a while.

A little over ten years ago I made a blog on WordPress. A side project fondly known as Otaku Post.

It was the brain child of my degenerate self that would reflect in words my thoughts on the 300+ anime I have watched over my life. Then one day, I stopped, the site was deleted. And it all was gone.

Looking back now I probably should have saved the posts, at least. But what was done is done, and I have decided to return with a blank slate. Over the coming months this site will transform into what it once was, a drop of sarcastic yet thoughtful reviews of anime and manga from today and old. The only rule I have set for myself is simple, even if I have seen a show before I must re-watch it completely before allowing myself to reflect on it here. Outside of that, however, this will host unflitered rantings from an anime fan with terrible taste.

And with that, I bid greetings to everyone that happens to find themselves here. And I hope the post that follows will be of much entertaining.

Published by Johnathan

Freelance weeb and ranter.

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