I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home manga

So with the news of this series receiving an anime adaption I decided to give the first 21 chapters a read and give my thoughts. Manga reviews on this site well be uncommon but I decided with the anime coming down the line it would be a good place to start.

So with that, let’s take a look.

I am not going to lie this book is kinda whack, and I’m sure the show will be as well. In a nutshell the story follows the idea of Yoshida, a hard working office drone that get’s canned by his senior and love affiar of five years Airi Gotou. Drunk and upset he stumbles home only to find a highschooler near his house on the streets. Now being a good upstanding citizen of the great nation of Japan he sees no other way to help this young lass but to let her stay with him.

Being used to random men letting her stay with them in exchange for physical relations Sayu Ogiwara attempts to seduce Yoshida but is reject quite harshly. To the point where she’s told if she tries anything like that again she would be promptly kicked out.

This sets the narrative pretty early on that our upstanding citizen is not going to be tempted by the youngster as he tries to figure out his own love life with two co-workers that develop interest in him.

Let’s be honest here, read the title, you know this story is going to go down the road of debauchery.

Falling into this role of house wife Sayu and Yoshida grow into a complex relationship which everyone warns could go down a questionable path. As do most stories like this it just kinda ignores social norms, randomly having the characters become aware of the situation but then just to settle assuming it’s fine. And granted even though their relationship is a bit tabboo, their banter and moments are quite cute. As Sayu and Yoshida both grow more as there new life becomes more norm.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that as the story continues and the anime launches this will be a quite controversial series. And I believe it will continue to push this narrative to the point where Sayu and Yoshida are slapped with realty or as the years pass and she grows they become closer (which is going to happen let’s be honest here) and personally, I don’t really care.

From what I read the story overall is pretty lack luster. It doesn’t bring anything new or exciting and outside of their cute moments, it’s rather boring. I am not sure if I am going to watch the series when it comes out but it will be something on my mind going forward. And if this sort of risky story telling appeals to you I recommend at least reading some of the chapters to get a feel. But overall I’m not holding my breath.

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