TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

With the fall line up starting there is a show that really caught my eye. And after watching the first two episodes of it, it’s stacking up about how I would expect, and I could not be more excited.

Over The Moon For You is the latest edition to the Crunchyroll Originals. And honestly the way it is going, I feel like it was a strong pick up. The general idea of the show is pretty cut and dry. It follows the main Yuzaki Nasa, a guy whos parents are major nerds and cursed him with the name of the good ol US of As space program. Naturally he hates this, and in some weird flex of defiance decided to become big brained and blow everyone’s expectation. Of course being book smart doesn’t mean he is any less of an air head. So as we follow this adorable moron through the first episode he sees a girl on his way home and becomes transfixed by how beautiful she is. Mesmerized in the moment he runs across the street to her, only to be caught by truck-kun half way there. But fortunately with her quick whit, the female lead that we discover to be Tsukasa intervein, saving his life. Though even with near fatal injuries Nasa ignores all advice and follows the girl, confessing to her. In this moment she makes a deal, if he will marry her, they can be together. Jubilantly he agrees before passing out. Waking in the hospital he discovers that she is no where to be found and will be no part of his life until sometime later when she shows up at his apartment. Marriage agreement in hand.

It’s these cheesy, weird romance shows that I for some reason adore. I love watching how their relationship will play out, and seeing how much the characters can grow. Now with only two episodes being out, there hasn’t been a whole lot to work with. Mostly because episode one was about him getting hit by a truck and the second was mostly about them shopping for a bed. But even with the lack of content thus far I do really think that the premise and what was established in the two episodes can really be the grounds to build a cute, loving, funny story. So with that, I do think that this show could easily be one of my tops for the Fall line up. All it has to do is stick with the premise, flush out the two mains, and show that getting married at the age of 18 to someone you don’t know isn’t all that bad of an idea.

(It is truly a horrific idea never do this.)

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