Mato Seihei No Slave

Spoilers ahead for this series and the Akame series.

Coming from the brain of Akame Ga Kill author, Takahiro. Is a new horny adventure action series that takes place in a world where monsters exist and females gain powers by consuming ‘Peaches.’ With these powers, they fight within the plane of Mato, home of the flesh-hungry Yomotsu Shuuki. The story follows all-female Anti-Demon groups as they go about their lives keeping the earth and the humans within it safe. Oh and all of them want to fuck this dude named Wakura, Yuuki, who is also the slave. There is also a lot of simping. Let’s do this.

So coming back to our dear Yuuki he finds himself at a moment in his life where he is unsure what to do. He is almost out of high school, he has no real trades and he isn’t a female therefore he is unable to developed power to help humankind fight. Walking aimlessly in his own head Yuuki finds himself suddenly in a lot of danger in the Mato.

Confused and unsure what to do he is approached by Shuuki and seemingly in the last moment help arrives in the form of Kyouka Uzen, the chief of the 7th squadron Anti Demon group. Addressing him she reassures him he is in good hands and they will get out of this, sadly her confidence stays at that level for about three pages.

Understanding they are in over their head, Kyouka turns to Yuuki, telling him there is a way out of this but it requires his help. Wanting to jump at the ability to be of use, Yuuki accepts and learns that her power is different than most. Kyouka can tap into the powers of others making them her slaves. I did say there was a lot of simping so I don’t know what any of you expected.

With a kiss of her hand, the contract is fulfilled, and Yuuki turns from just a small man child to a power beast ridden by his new master. Easily they defeat the hoards, impressed Kyouka comes to him with terms, stay with me, and we will make history.

If he didn’t accept I wouldn’t be here writing this.

Now the ‘slave’ of squad seven our boy finds himself being a real housewife, which honestly, good for fucking him. Most of his day he spends cooking and cleaning the dorms while the girls come and go out on different scouting missions. Wanting to become stronger and find his sister who vanished six years ago, Aoba Wakura, Yuuki seems fond of his new life and enjoys every moment he gets to train to get that strength.

I guess I should better explain how this whole slave ability that Kyouka has. So the ability is basically a buff, she can tap into anyone’s power if they agree to become her ‘slave’ and the power and abilities vary based on who that person is. It is also important to note there is compensation post transforming back into a human. Now it is said this compensation is based on the slave’s inner desires, it can be anything from food to a simple show of appreciation.

Yuuki is a massive pervert so guess what his is? Varying from a simple kiss, to head pats, all the way to full-on being stepped on for a good ten minutes and undressing Kyouka once they return from battle. This whole bit is rather funny but as cringeworthy as you expect it to be. Even more so as Kyouka is flustered during these events stating how Yuuki is just a damn pervert and how bad she has it. Granted they start to grow rather fond of one another as such happens in these types of stories. I wonder if he will kill everyone off again?

This leads to the very first point of tension when the 7th is attacked by “the horned one” a powerful Shuuki that had destroyed the village of Kyouka, making her hell-bent on killing it. Thrown into a fit of rage she disregards her team as they are beaten badly going after the horned one. She is eventually brought to her sense by Yuuki and backs off to help the others. This is all playing out while a strange monster-like girl seems to be commanding the horned one as she talks about sensing her brother. This is of course the lost older sister Aoba, cause why not?

Returning to the dorm beaten but alive they plan for the next phase of attack, being joined by the 6th fleet we get to see a whole new list of characters, two that stand out more than most. Tenka Izumo, the chief who plans on charming her way to Yuuki’s heart and the vice, Yachiho Azuma, eldest sister to Himiari, the vice of the 7th.

Going right after her sister Yachiho starts slandering her younger sister’s skill and ability. Stating that she is a disgrace to the family and should not hold the rank that she does. Upset they decide there is only one way to settle this, a dual. We learn at this time Yachiho is actually just Homura Akemi from The Puella Magi series as in her whole bit is to stop time then shoot you. Which is quite the ability. You also learn that Himiari’s bit is also quite interesting, learning other people’s power.

Taking up her boss’s slave power Himiari teams with Yuuki, who warns her at the start that she might want to think about this because of his compensation. Without giving it a second thought she downplays it, saying she doesn’t care to have to clean and help around the dorm as payment then starts training with him. With a new handler comes a new set of power, not as strong as he is with Kyouka he can tell he is a lot faster and after some training gets used to his new limits. This comes to an end of course with Himiari pulling up her skirt in front of him, confused and embarrassed she learns this is the cost of using him and until payment is had she cannot move. Naturally, all he wanted was for her to sit on his face. There is SO much of this shit in this book.

But unthwarted she pushes on, and in the end defeats her sister in the duel though barley, putting on an amazing mixture of ability and skill. The 6th and 7th around this time also start experimenting with Kyouka’s ability. Being able to lend her slave they go through varied different styles and abilities, even learning with two riders Yuuki is twice as strong but tires quickly.

This is followed up by Yuuki getting kidnapped by his sister and then you get to see the whole other side isn’t so bad they are just misunderstood thing Takahiro does. Which I rather dislike, though this time there is more of a morality question, unlike the Akame series. His sister and other hybrids like her have discovered that they have kept their minds and haven’t fallen so far as other Shuuki have. It’s also mentioned Demon Corp would rather experiment on them than help them get cured, and because of that Aoba has a hatred for them.

Of course, Yuuki tries to talk to her, help her find a common ground with them but fails right before the 6th and 7th find them. Finding no other way to get Yuuki back they attack and a massive battle enthuse. Aoba and the horned one against Tenka and Kyouka. There is actually a really funny part in this whole scene as Tenka introduces herself as Yuuki’s girlfriend and throughout the fight refers to Aoba as sister, which really pisses her off. But when push comes to shove Tenka seeing how the two siblings were with each other can’t bring herself to deliver the final blow leaving herself open. Though the battle ends with a Demon Corp win, it was narrow and took every ounce they had.

Enter stage left, The Eight Gods of Thunder. Seeming at this point in the series to be the main villain class. They are notably powerful beings that force The Demon Corp and Aoba with the other Former Humans to make a truce. They won’t be allies, but if Kyouka becomes commander of the whole force she swears she will protect them and help create a cure ethically. A proposition Aboa happily accepts.

As of right now, there are 46 chapters in print of this series, and as far as major plot points go that is virtually all that has happened outside some minor side development. This story is hot trash, a horny on main take with a ton of uncensored boobs and enough kink-shaming to even make me blush. Going from breast dropping, crotch stepping, face sitting, and undressing to boot, there is more than enough NSFW content within the pages of this series.

Which is funny cause I read it at work on break, I am one thousand percent sure the janitor saw it on more than one occasion. Neat.

But I will mention that beyond that there is some interesting world-building. The overall idea isn’t anything specials, it is something that Black Bullet, Seraph of The End, Darling in the Franxx all have done, though differently. The world is faced with a massive danger, so we have to rely on these power blessed women to protect us. However, with that being said it doesn’t take away from the power structure and how the whole world work. Throughout the whole time Yuuki was paring up with different masters I was fascinated with how the powers and abilities change. And how complex combination of the divisions worked like a puzzel. Each team member brought a certain ability to the fight.

There is no telling how many chapters of this series will go to print and honestly I am pretty sure that my meager 5/10 isn’t going to change. As much as I dislike throwing shade on authors, Takahiro has a niche and he hasn’t ever really left it. He makes fun and interesting reads, as I will continue to read this series but it doesn’t break into a sense of wonder other well-written stories would. I’m fine with it, it’s ecchi and has a lot of action, the girls are cute and the world is fairly interesting. But as the next big action hit, I have my doubts.


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