My Personal Top 5 Tsundere

So I was thinking, what would be one way to make easy to digest content to keep my site active through the week while in at work? Short posts that show a glimpse of how I feel about certain series while being easy to break down and read. So out of this a couple of ideas came up, and for the first one of these I give you a list, here are my top five favorite tsunderes with a brief description of why.

For those who may not know a tsundere is a personality arc type found in different anime themed things (manga games etc) The general rule of thumb is this. There is a development process where the character starts of cold, polarizing and sometimes hostiles, but over time warms up to others and starts to show affection. So let’s get into this.

(by the time you all get to number one it is going to discredit my whole platform, why am I doing this?)

Number Five! Aria Holmes Kanzaki!

The dual wielding pig tailed heroine of trash action flick, Aria The Scarlet Ammo. She takes role of the more classic ecchi tsundere, getting flustered and short tempered with the main, Kinji, Tooyama. When I first watched Aria the Scarlet Ammo years ago something about the show stood out and stuck with me through the years, and due to that, even with this show being a trash can, I love it and her.

Number Four! Misaka, Mikoto

The walking rail gun of beloved Index series, Misaka is an abrasive tom boy and a highly powerful Rank 5 Esper. Though she is aggressive and honestly wants to have nothing to do with the level 0, Touma Kamijou over time she warms up to him, showing a more girlish side.

Number Three! Senjougahara, Hitagi!

I mean, she is S tier waifu, is anyone really surprised here? Bakemonogatari is one of the most well written stories to ever grace the medium. Using sophisticated word play to tell tales of urban legend the main Araragi, Koyomi, runs into Senjougahara discovering she weighs nothing. This leads down a spat between the two that would end up resulting in their relationship, though even with that Senjougahara doesn’t let up, using array of vocabulary to keep Arargi and others around her in check.

Number Two! Kirisaki, Chitoge

NIsekoi was one of those manga’s I read all the way through a couple of years back and there was always something about Chitoge I adored. Rather it be her style, her high woprk ethic or just plain determination to me she stood out in a harem that had some heavy hitters (I guess, hitter, I mean let’s be real here Onodera is the only other choice) But none the less the last handful of chapters really had me turning the pages racing to see who would win the blood bath that is a harem.

Alright before we do number one I want to apologize to my family and friends, I have dishonored us all and what I am about to do I can’t take back.

Number one….

Kirino Kosaka

Okay, okay let me explain! Actually, there isn’t much to explain….. I just fucking love Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Being without the doubt the most creepy and or degenerate anime I love Oreimo holds a rather large peice of my heart, giving it a spot in my top 5 favorite animes of all time. And the bratty, sassy, smart, caring and just overall cute Kirino had a lot to do with, yeah I know they are siblings, like really, they don’t cope out of it at all, but honestly, that only made me like it more. I do plan on re-watching this series soon, and I will do a proper review and some follow up articles about it but for now, enjoy more Kirino!

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