TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

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Fangirling isn’t a thing I do often. But man when I do, you better expect some top-tier seasonal shit. So, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to many of those who follow the blog but when it comes to seasonal anime, usually I don’t care, rummaging through my ‘to watch’ list full of shows from years ago. Then this gem known as TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For you dropped. My god is this exactly what I needed in my life.

A Shounen Sunday penned and drawn by Hata, Kenjirou Tonikaku Kawaii follow main Yuzaki, Nasa. A nerd with a chip on his shoulder, his name. Being the son of some massive weirdos, Nasa is named after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, yes, they named this poor boy after the government agency that only existed to defeat communism.

Having such an odd name Nasa commits that he will be the most big brained kid in recent memory. Having an extreme over analytical style he optimizes his life in every aspect. Life space, food, studying, you name it, the boy has a system.

Heading home one cold evening, however, Nasa notices the single thing that will trip up even the most analytical mind, a cute girl. Enter stage left, Tsukasa, Tsukuyomi. Falling in love at first sight all logic goes out of the window as Nasa crosses the street towards her, we have seen isekais, we know what happens next.

Truck-kun comes making quick work of the boy, but wait, there’s more. Slowly coming to Nasa looks up at Tsukasa, bloody but none the less beautiful under the silhouette of the moon. Empowered by the stunning scene he attempts to talk to her but is quickly shut down by Tsukasa. Claiming that she saved his life, but his injuries are fatal if he doesn’t get to the hospital right away, and with that, she turns and walks away from him.

But Nasa, is fucking Nasa, he isn’t going to let some box truck keep him from confessing to this godsend. Getting to his feet he follows Tsukasa into a bus stop, where she once again scolds him for not taking his injuries seriously and bandages up the best she can. What follows is such an Alpha turn Alpha move as Nasa asks her to be his girlfriend, but Tsukasa counters with no, I will only be your wife.

Tonikaku Kawai at its core is an adorable tale of a young relationship between two people who don’t know each other. Nasa and Tsukasa time and time again go through embarrassing moments the same as first-time daters would, though trying to power through it since they aren’t dating, they are husband and wife.

Splash in some wholesome characters development you wind up with two lovers who seem like opposites, but end up more becoming a ying-yang, supporting, caring, and helping each other through any obstacles that may get in their way. And don’t even get me started on that OP, it has been a long time since I never once, not a single time skipped the opening, what a banger.

Where this show really shines however is the dialog, and not just between the two mains. Plenty of side characters have their own interesting quirks that are compounded on the mains. Leaving almost any interaction with Nasa or Tsukasa either hilarious or heartwarming (or both).

I have a ton of love for this show, and I am comfortable saying out of the fall shows I have seen (this and Talentless Nana…) it is a top tier take. Episode after episode I was left with a light chuckle and a good feeling, excited for Friday to crank out the next until there wasn’t anymore. But this is the type of show that you don’t cry when you see it go, you smile, not because it was bad, just because you can reflect on the enjoyment that came with it, and understanding that, that journey has come to an end.

If I had to put a number on this show I’d give it a 7/10. Which is kinda low, honestly when you read what is above. However, at the end of this day, this show was safe and filled a certain niche that is wholesome but not breathtaking. I was never excited or going “whoa, wait?” granted that is the point of a show like this. Cute, funny, and wholesome, they never get old.

Thanks for the read!

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