Spoilers, also NSFW.

One of the most infamous anime series of all time is a classic known as School Days. An Eroge turned (Semi) SFW show that made decent porn, but truly awful anime. However, I stumbled onto a series I read a little while back and decided to give it another go. A bit known as Uwa-koi, and just like that, School Days was the only thing that was coming to my mind.

Penned and drawn by Itosugi, Masahiro. Uwa-Koi follows the main Tamaki, Yukiteru, a kid that fell on some bad luck when he was younger, his house burning into ashes. During the time he was allowed to stay with his childhood friend, Kirishima, Yuno (a Yuno and a Yuki huh? What could go wrong?) what follows is a wholesome, wonderful romance between the two that is by no way shape, or form muddied by any other women that may be in Yuki’s life. Heh.

Head over heels in love with Yuki, Yuno stays by his side all their childhood and into high school. Yuki sorta returns her feelings but one day a new transfer student comes and for some reason, Yuki’s heart ached in a way it never has before. Saotome, Rena with her gorgeous black hair and figure is the only thing Yuki could think about that night after she transferred, using the privacy of the shower to indulge in his excitement.

Still in post nut love he thinks about her the following day and is at one time approached by her. Rena simply asking if he had fun thinking about her while masturbating, following up saying she did the same to him. Okay, I am going to go on a bit of a derail for a second. This series does this a lot, the girls figuring out what the others are doing in respect to Yuki even if he tries to hide it, and I love it. Rena’s teasing matched with a calm cold demeanor was something that attracted me to her almost right away, all the way until this end.

Now, Yuki is in a strange situation. Technically dating Yuno but wanting Rena he kisses her, in which she simply calls him “the worst” and the two sleep with each other the first time. What follows is a bunch of weak ass choices from both of them. Rena stating that she wouldn’t be with him unless he breaks up with Yuno. He being too much of a coward to do so only for Rena to enable him anyways becoming his “mistress”

The dangerous game they play is actually quite interesting to experience, until Yumeno, Kaori finds out about their affair, telling Yuki she will only keep quiet if he becomes her sex toy. Ah, School Days, how you have not changed. What following is Itou, Makoto level of “every girl in the school wants to fuck this guy for some reason we aren’t sure why?” though unlike Makoto, Yuki seems pretty upset about it most of the time post nut.

What the story tries to paint is a world where Yuno is crazy, Rena and Yuki are in love, Rena is fine with him cheating (to an extent) because Yuki cannot help it, finding himself in the panties of random girls almost by accident.

Yuki isn’t likable, honestly, most of the characters aren’t. Even as a Rena stan time and time again I find myself wondering what emotions, or push she was supposed to give the story with her actions and feelings. Add pages among pages of the horniest on main sex scenes I haven’t seen in a while, yeah well, this book pretty much reads as an hentia.

And don’t even get me started on the ending. Chapter 35-36 had to be some of the most anti-climatic finish of a series I could imagine. Even the characters involved in the ending instances kinda just shrug it off, like a “huh yeah I guess this is fitting”

Where Uwa-Koi thrives is it knows it’s ecchi garbage. It knew the ending options were limited based on the development that was given as Rena was clearly the most fleshed out one but even now, I can’t picture in my head what Yuki looks like. The story was 25% content 75% porn, which doesn’t bother me particularly but it is rarely something I can say is remotely good.

Uwa-Koi had its high points, times whereas a reader I would think “boy Rena and Yuki are playing the risk this time” or “Okay given the situation her saying that is kinda hot” but as a critical man of culture, there are tons of series out there that do much, much better. So with that, I will say this, in the mood for some super ecchi scenes at the risk of triggering a Yandere? Pick it up, if not, it isn’t worth the time.

Thanks for the read!

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