Who is Jun Maeda?

When it comes to the world of anime (manga) writers there are some that a lot of casual anime viewers know most of their works but not their name. Names like Bleach author Tite Kubo, Demon Slayer’s Gotouge, Koyoharu, or even Domestic Girlfriend’s Sasuga, Kei. (you know I had to add her)But one man comes to mind when it comes to critically acclaimed series, a man that has done many series that I’m not sure many fans know his name, an author named Maeda, Jun.

Born January 3rd, 1975 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Jun Maeda is a well-respected Manga Author, Composer, and, lyricist. He is also the co-founder of Key, a visual novel subsidiary of Visual Arts. Using his many talents to shape visual novels with music, scene writing, and different lyrics.

But for context to this article and his works in the world of anime, I believe the first take would be to look at his writing style. Heavily relying on relationships and bonds either in the respect of friendship or family. Maeda’s true strength shines in his ability to craft worlds and relationships that play on bittersweet tragedies and themes.

Using this, he has created worlds like Angel Beats!, Charlotte, Air, Kanon, Little Busters! And the forever shrined in tragedy hall of fame, Clannad/ Clannad After Story. Coming from the pen of one man, all of these series in some respect or another draft a tale of highs and lows, playing on the tension of emotion and drama that dances along the lines of what it means to be human.

Though personally not a fan of all of his work Maeda does have a deep understanding of dramatic storytelling and does a fantastic job in setting the narrative and building a world that sucks the reader in. Add the drama, banter and overall character development create a way of storytelling that is worthy of respect. Leading to the series he has peened have both received critical and popular success. So if you like any of the series mentioned above I do recommend looking into some of the others, as the underlining feeling is expressed in its own way in each series.

I plan on doing more stuff like this, to better inform people of both authors and directors with respect to their works. Though this is the first I hope to be better at conveying what I believe is the strong suits of these individuals and therefore making better articles.

Thanks for the read.

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