Nibun no Yuudou | Half Seduction

Spoilers for The Quintessential Quintuplets, also this series is R18, I will not add any NSFW images but please keep that in mind.

So this is a change from my usual and I’m unsure if this will become something I do more but I have my doubts. When it comes to manga and anime culture there is a vibrant bustling world that exists within it. Doujinshi, parodies, and original works of art that are made by ‘fans’ but are dominated by R18 content. In short, it’s hentia, but even with that, some of it can be quite good. Elaborate stories that play on adult themes, some penned by brilliant artists, capturing the style of the original work almost to a T.

Chilling on reddit one afternoon I stumbled across a post of Nino from The Quintessential Quintuplets. A 122 chapter series that I had recently finished. Now, this post was interesting, it was Nino in a towel teasing Fuutarou but I didn’t recall it from the book. The art was on point, it looked like Negi Haruba himself drew the scene. Curious of how I missed such a charming but bold move from Nino I clicked on it, only for the first comment to be that much-needed sauce. But instead of it being The Quintessential Quintuplets, it was a series of numbers, #298547, and I knew exactly what that meant.

Expecting the standard run of the mill series I went ahead and read the 62 or some odd pages of this masterpiece titled Nibun no Yuudou | Half Seduction. What I got however was something different entirely.

Capturing Nino’s sass perfectly what unfolds is a surprisingly enjoyable and wholesome interaction between her and Fuutarou. Following an unfortunate series of events, the two find themselves in a love hotel so Nino can take a shower. Trying to keep his composure Fuutarou waits patiently as she bathes mere feet away from him. Nino realizing this golden chance just fell in her lap slowly works up the courage to take full advantage of this scenario. Exiting the shower she is met by a calm and polite Fuutarou who offers to quickly take care of her dirty clothes so they can leave as soon as possible, averting his gazes. Wanting to direct his attention back towards her Nino throws on the charm, but to not much avail until Fuutarou admits that he was rather excited at the thought of her being in the shower so close to him.

What follows is an adorable banter, a lot of sex, and a sweet moment of Nino admiring Fuutarou’s sleeping face. Nino throughout the rest of the book remains flirty with the perfect amount of sass leading to Fuutarou having a blushing breakdown in front of the other sisters.

What really shocked me is how much joy this literal porno gave me. I love Nino, to see her use this type of charms to get what she wants and actually getting them only to have these sweet and cute moments follow was almost too much for my heart. Added with the fact Fuutarou acts like a fucking human being with emotion, getting flusters and excited about his new love affair with one of the sisters was a nice change of pace as well. It was the first time I felt both of them, not just Nino had emotions, had desires and things they sought out to have.

As weird as it sounds, it was the first time I felt tangible joy, something I was really wanting from the actual series but never really got. In the Doujinshi Miku gets some page time but you quickly find out it was all in her head as the only time you actually see two of them together its always Nino and Fuutarou, adding another element I wasn’t expecting but really enjoyed.

In short, I might just be saying all of this because Nino wins, maybe at the end of the day, I just wanted Nino to be the only one in the picture, getting what she wants and the two of them being invested in one another. But rather that is the case it doesn’t take away how picture perfects and the genuine enjoyment I got out of the 62 pages. And I’m not referring to the kind of joy most people try to obtain reading these things, this literally made my heart warm.

Thanks for the read!

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