You Are Dirty, My Queen

So, when it comes to manga the medium can get away with a lot more than most other mediums. Expect, of course, hentia. But browsing MAL like a mad man I am I found this degenerate tale of childhood friends broken by time, only to be brought together by a subtle wish to a god. A 13 chapter bit of over horny trash that should never have gotten to print, with a degenerate title to boot. I’m talking about You Are Dirty, My Queen.

Why do I read these things?

My Queen follows MC Saitou, Akira. An average dude that has pretty decent grades, no friends, and comes from little to no money. Working his ass off to get scholarships he finds himself in a respected private high school, but this wasn’t by chance. Akira Did all of this for Kawana, Subaru. A beautiful, wealthy, tomboy turned prep and noted queen of the high school. Being the childhood friend and love interest of Akira, the fruit of his labor was simply being able to be with his friend once again.

But how these things go, Subaru is a complete ass to him, blowing him off and calling him disgusting anytime he speaks to her. Confused and unsure how their relationship turned so cold Akira discovers there is a charm going around school, a request from a demi-god that will help him reconcile the space that has grown between them. At home, slightly depressed Akira says fuck it, activating the charm. Nothing seems to happen but a short while later his closet doors bust open, Subaru fresh out of the shower in a towel unknowingly walks in.

At this point, the story can go one of two ways, rather wholesome, or, borderline how is this not R18? The reader discovers that how the charm works are two people have to call on it, and the original caller has to bear its cost of it, for one hour throughout the day, they will lose their self-control. Giving in to instinct as an animal would, it is at this moment the reader also discovers Subaru was the one who called on the charm therefore its payment would be hers and hers alone.

Oh, and she has a crippling sex addiction in which has to masturbates nearly every 30 mins to images and thoughts of the MC, Akira.

It went the R18 route.

With no self-control and having the thing she lusts (loves?) at her fingertips, well stuff gets heated, QUICK. Keeping up her tsundere bit for maybe 5 chapters, she states that if Akira takes advantage of her when she has no self-control, she will never forgive him. But shortly after what slowly starts out as hand play to oral play, full-on fucking happens almost non-stop as it is discovered, our girl Subaru, wasn’t losing her self control, she straight-up never had any.

She cannot NOT be horny.

With this new cog in the gears, it is learned that having no self-control, the god isn’t getting paid, and a not getting paid god is well, angry. Throwing in some extra obstacles between the lovers takes a somewhat charming turn, but honestly, it’s just porn.

My Queen is about a girl who has way too much energy and a guy who somehow can keep up with her. It’s full of kink, risks, and just sex and doesn’t really bring anything else to the table. But as I was reading the 13 chapters one key factor stayed true, this book is whole ass hilarious. Time and time again they are thrown into these quirky situations where Subaru only has the fuck on her mind, and then, somehow the fuck was the answer?

My Queen is horny trash and it stays true to form, full of funny moments and enough kinks to keep my pea-brained self entertained. I wouldn’t recommend it, hell I am not even going to give it a number but it is something that I know now exists, and, I am happy about that.

Thanks for the read!

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