Whispering You A Love Song

Yuri is something that should be in every healthy diet. Not too much, but a healthy stream of girl love is something that can improve many aspects of one’s life. Less stress, less depression, better gas mileage, more pay, you know it, Yuri can bring it into your life. So making sure I keep up with my doses I found a little gem that mixes both Yuri, and the sound of music. A tale of a freshman attending a school concert, falling in love a first sight, the one, the only Whispering You A Love Song

So at the time of me writing this the series is currently serializing with two volumes out. Whispering You A Love Song following Asanagi, Yori, a rather shy girl who has a love for singing. Though not a fan of singing in front of others, she finds herself helping out a band in school who just lost their frontwoman. A one-time event that she would be compensated for, performing for the opening day ceremony at school.

Taking stage front and center the band starts as Yori’s voice fills the hall. It is at this moment freshman, Kino, Himari claims that without a doubt in her mind, she’s fallen in love at first sight. Blissfully thrilled to be going to the same school as someone with such a lovely voice, Himari finds Yori by chance in front of the school, not knowing her name but not wanting to pass up the opportunity she walks up to her senpai simpling saying that she had fallen in love with her over her performance. Flustered and taken back by this bold freshman, Yori is unsure how to respond but determines that she meant as a fan, however, that didn’t make Yori’s heart flutter any less.

Whispering You A Love Song is a darling of a story as Yori also falls in love at first sight, and is hell-bent on making Himari fall for her even more through her music. The two are cute together as they try to figure out where exactly their relationship stands, Himari not wanting to hurt Yori by claiming she has feelings she is unsure of. Add a spice of jealousy moments, and generally, all the girls (there are literally no men in this series) vibing together left a good feeling within me.

For now, it’s just wholesome, cute, music-driven Yuri that looks phenomenal and is packed full of heart touching moments. I have high hopes for this series overall and look forward to the next volumes drop, It has the groundwork to make a truly inspiring Yuri romance that can become more than just wholesome or cute, which is something the genre hasn’t had in a while.

In short, the series as of the two volumes is definitely worth the read but I think the tone it sets is a lot more appealing. This series can take off, adding more layers as the two love birds are confronted with different emotions and obstacles in their way and there is nothing I love more than that.

I am not going to put a number on this series as of now, it’s too new and only has 15 or so chapters out but I can say I am more than excited to go on this journey Takeshima, Eku will be painting out for us. And I would recommend anyone who hasn’t had their monthly dose of Yuri to do the same.

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