My stepsister who says Go die go die to me every day, tries to hypnotize me to fall for her while I was sleeping…!

Wow did I do a bad job editing this. Below is a twice over revised version of this post!

What the fuck is up with some of these titles? Why the fuck did I read this? Hello all and welcome to another Reddit find. There is a trend of series I find myself reading, rather it be a harem, imouto, slice of life, or yandere. Though I do reach out to different types of fantasies and comedies, my bread and butter remains the kinda weird, sometimes social taboo series. So when Reddit was like “aye bud, look at this cool new yandere story” I said, alright let’s have a look. What I wasn’t expecting was this weirdly cringe, forced, tale about a poor schmuck that one day has a new stepsister in his life, a sister, that apparently, just wants him to die.

My stepsister who says Go die go die to me every day, tries to hypnotize me to fall for her while I was sleeping…! Which I will address from now on as My Stepsister, cause screw taking up most of my word count on a ridiculously long title. My Stepsister follows main Aoi Ichigaya, a typical run-of-the-mill high school boy who happens to also be an erotic novelist because why the hell not?

One day he receives the news he has a new stepsister, an all beautiful and popular Shizuku. A charming lass who is clear cut with her brother, she hates his guts and feels like it would be better off if he would just die. Trying to stay out of her way Aoi goes about his day, leisurely at school trying to avoiding her wrath. Naturally, he avoiding that train wreck could only last so long as he awakes from a nap on the couch to see Shizuku straddling him. A 5 yen coin attached to a string in her hand.

Confused as his sister appears to try her hand hypnotism, she states in those moments that her brother would love her, and her alone. Attempting to break the news that her little bit didn’t work, Shizuku quickly becomes violent, stating that if he was not hypnotized she would literally at that moment just kill him. Forced to play along he attempts to bend to his sister’s commands, what starts out as a simple kiss, turns into an awkward bit of role play as they recite Aoi’s erotic novel to one another. He, hating every second, she, on the verge of ecstasy collapse.

Setting this narrative pretty early on the first couple of chapters follow the step-sibling tandem as they play out her, strange, requests. In the beginning, I kinda assumed where this was going, the typical weird take on the yandere imouto that suddenly had an element I wasn’t expecting.

Enter stage left Aoi’s childhood friend and beauty in her own right, Rinko. Naturally, Aoi is an incredibly dense son of a bitch. Rinko at many points throughout the 5 chapters clear-cut says that she is in love with him, something he plays off as a joke. This becomes a problem, since you know, the crazy little sister running about trying to hypnotize her brother and all. Getting real annoyed by the chumminess of Rinko for her brother Shizuku starts making moves to split the two up, using her ‘power’ of hypnotism she states to her brother. He will address Rinko with a claim, he loves only his step-sister and there is no room for her on that stage.

There are only a few ways this can go, the normal, he does it and ruins his friendship, the other normal he does it and it is somehow okay. Or the most interesting but unlikely event that Rinko decides for herself that she isn’t going to take shit from Shikuku. Being only 5 chapters in there are a lot of hints at which way, some of them heavier than others but ultimately at this moment I am not 100% sure where this story is going to go.

My Stepsister is a bit of a mess, and by a bit I mean it’s a massive mess. It’s all over the place, it’s awkward, Aoi is a moron and Shizuku isn’t cute, even when she is trying to be. I’ll say on that note I actually don’t see that as a bad thing, I’m used to the cute imouto, to have a cringe, over the top yandere one, a bit of fresh air. Possibly throw in some resistance to help the pea-brained Aoi such as Rinko, this series could quickly become a fantastic train wreck broadening drama, forced love, and possibly violence.

I am definitely looking forward to it.

As of writing, I decided against putting a number on this series, there just isn’t enough plot for me to even guess where it is going to go. Though I can say that it has set itself up to do one of two things. Become one of the most uncomfortable, unsettling duds ever. Or, becomes one of the most uncomfortable, unsettling, bangers in the past bit.

Even though these posts are some of my least popular, they are actually the most fun for me. I love finding these weirdo stories, most of which current but not even thought about being serialized in the US. That of course means I am having to read these in ways I would not prefer, and I am at mercy of the translator. But none the less I do hope it will bring you all some sense of entertainment, and thanks for the read!

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