Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose 1-3 Thoughts


The fuck is all of this then?

Rarely do I like to make post-mid-season of a series. I’ve always been the type to hold judgment to the very end, and it’s a good thing I do, I loved Darling in the FranXX until I didn’t. But man when I decided to add Osamake to my weekly watch list, I was not prepared for the utter bat shitness that came with it. What is dressed up as the typical childhood friend romcom, Osamake’s ace card, so to speak, is just make all the heroines the childhood friend! Neat enough, but what followed was sheer chaos.

Osamake follows MC Sueharu Maru, a, um, just normal run-of-the-mill dude turned talent child actor that deiced not to act anymore because of trauma. Why do I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before? Well anyway, our boy has a massive crush on a talented author in the class, Shirokusa Kachi. Which is all well and fine except Maru also has someone in love with him, his childhood compadre Kuroha Shida. As of episode three, it’s a love triangle, but I am sure more girls will get thrown in since that is how these things go.

While vibing in class one day, Maru overhears that his love Kachi is actually dating their senior Mitsuru Abe. In a fit of jealously Maru isn’t sure how to act, or even what to do. But fret not, Shida is here, and Shida is a ruthless mother fucker. Seeing a golden opportunity to sever the two and have Maru for herself, she sets seed in his head. Get revenge, make Kachi see the mistake she made and if she comes back, it will be you that will reject her.

I’m not sure why he went along with this but my god, Shida is scary.

Getting a plan in place everything seems well, they strike at the festival, there will be tears in Kachi’s eyes. Only there is a catch, Abe is playing the revenge game as well. Admitting he was a massive fan of Maru he decided to take the thing he loves (Kachi) to get back at him for leaving acting. Yeah, I know it’s stupid but bear with me. Calling his bluff Maru agrees to once again take the stage, he will beat Abe and confess to Kachi himself.

Then he finds out Kachi was his childhood who he thought was a boy named Shiro that he promised he would act in a play she had written. This of course thrills Kachi (that he remembered) to no end, and they all go to the theater as she excitedly awaits the confession that has been building for the last three episodes.

Oh, one bit Shida cries and smacks Maru for making her go through the emotional struggle of loving him and supporting him and he not returning it.

Okay picture it, the stage is set, there is a musical performance, a lot of stupid dancing by Abe, then out of nowhere a wild Maru appears, a dance-off ensued, the victor, easily the gifted child actor Maru. So there he was, center stage, Kachi there in the crowd, her heart fluttering as Maru calls her name.

Then states very loudly he fucked up and was in love with Shida the whole time and regretted not taking her up on her confessions before, asks her in front of everyone to be his girlfriend. Shida did it right? She won, she finally has the man she has loved for some long, but for some reason, everyone in this show is spiteful as fuck, so she says no.

She whole ass turns him down in front of everyone to get him back for rejecting her to begin with. I don’t know if that is alpha or just stupid but good on ya. Well, she does end up crying in regret moments later.

God this show is a mess and I hate to say, I think I am going to love it. It’s full of all the things that used to get me into harem romcoms back in the day, it’s stupid, it has dumb drama and fan service, and I am having way too much fun with it.

If you’re watching it id love to know your thoughts so far cause man, this, this is something.

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3 thoughts on “Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose 1-3 Thoughts

  1. Glad you’re enjoying this show! As its one of the most underrated shows of this season to me and the way that this story is going is great. I can’t wait to see what they do with the girl at the end of episode three and the more craziness that this series gets into in the future.

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    1. Yeah, that closing scene I remember seeing and thinking “of course there are more” I do find it truly hilarious how all of them go against their best interest just to get back at one another. I thought y’all were close child hood friends? I have to give mad respect to Shida though, she is relentless.

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