OtakuPost Book Reviews!

I meant to publish this before the book reviews went live but I’m stupid so here it is now.

What happens when a self-proclaimed weeb blogger decides to go on hiatus for about a year; fails to consume any anime-related content and instead plays games, reads novels, and waits held breath for Sunday so my dear Scuderia Ferrari can disappoint me yet again? Well, dear reader, he suffers, but what’s more important than that he learns. I’ve used this blog as a canvas for my words on the only thing I felt like I truly could give my opinion on. Anime. But that has always been a fleeting thing for me, I’d watch a bunch of series, write about them, then never watch anything for years. What occupied that time in between drastically changed but this time around it has been novels more than ever before. As I am typing this I’ve read from start to finish 37 novels since January 2022 and I know to some that may not seem like much but for me, it is roughly 20 more than I’ve ever read before in that time. I’ve always had an affinity for creative writing but the drive to read never quite rivaled it. Until this year.

So after consideration, I’ve decided that I would broaden that umbrella of reviews and comments to include novels. Now after that decision was made I had to make another, do I want to use this platform that has been dominated by anime culture to launch a book blog? And the answer is, why the hell not? I mean I pay for this domain and I’m sure as hell not going to buy another one. So coming soon will be my thought on a few books I’ve been reading (paired with anime things) and we shall see how successful this endeavor may be. I look forward to the journey!

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2 thoughts on “OtakuPost Book Reviews!

  1. I look forward to what you have coming up. You’re right that there’s a lot of anime-reviewing on this platform, but there are a lot of good book-related posts as well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing subject matters like this either — I sort of did it when I shifted somewhat away from games and towards anime when my free time spent alone got a little tighter and I lost the time and energy to keep playing 50+ hour JRPGs. It’s all still art/fiction-based anyway.

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  2. Thanks! I look forward to seeing what I can make out of it, It kinda worked out since I started playing Persona 5 Royal last week and it re-kicked my brain into wanting to watch anime so I’m at a crossroad for making a lot of new content. Which, naturally, has me fired up.

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