What Nanashi Is Doing With Nagatoro Not Only Does The Series Justice, But The Whole Genre

My admiration for Nagatoro is well published (Here) it has quickly become one of my favorite romcoms of all time, starting out as your run-of-mill girl bullies guy it was heavily criticized in a lot of circles for being too mean. Which, I get, Nagatoro did make fun of his dream and make him cry right away.

But even with all of that in mind, it does not change the fact that what Nanashi is doing with his beloved series is on course to do something romcoms tend to never do. Become a brilliant and mature romance that goes beyond what all thought it would be. Any of those who have been keeping up with the last two volumes would have experienced this shift. Now the series has had a glimpse into this come-to-romance, the art convention, Naoto getting sick, and the date to the aquarium, but all of these happened at the end of a smaller arc, mostly full of Nagatoro teasing and being a typical gremlin.

Post chapter 95 however, there has been a very clear change in the pacing of the story. The art has become more crisped and detailed, we are seeing noodle Nagatoro less and less but most of all there is talk about the future. About college, about relying on one another all while the world, both Naoto and Nagatoro’s circle accept them as a couple, urge them to go on more dates, and push each other to become better.

It is a change that is rarely seen in the genre as most series keep the gag going for as long as they can however I think it also speaks to both Nanashi’s skill and his respect for his own series. Nagatoro struck like hot iron, the first major publication for a talented artist who up to that point was a powerhouse in the R18 world. He has shown (at least thus far and ASSUMING the series completes soon) a type of restraint that at no time really quelled the character progression even adding more to the rather small group the manga started out with.

And just look at this art.

Needless to say, I am here for it and I am overjoyed with what is to come. If you were turned off from this series at an early stage due to Nagatoro’s actions I do ask you to try to get through it because this series is more than a gem it’s a diamond.

Thanks for the read!

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One thought on “What Nanashi Is Doing With Nagatoro Not Only Does The Series Justice, But The Whole Genre

  1. It’s a shame that a lot of people have dismissed or set Nagatoro aside because of that rocky start. From what I could tell, Nanashi got past that part pretty quickly anyway, even in the first volume. Seeing the actual progression in their relationship, hopefully to a true and satisfying conclusion, is really nice. Also helps that you can see the chemistry between them that’s built up. I’m happy to see Nagatoro talked up more and look forward to the next season of the anime (not that any of it will be new to me, but still.)

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