The War of the Archons

As an avid Audible user, I often find myself looking through their Plus Catalog, books, and podcasts that are tied in with the monthly subscription. I had finished The Godfather, had a couple of weeks before my next credit, and wanted to start a new adventure. Most of the Plus Catalog is things like classic,Continue reading “The War of the Archons”

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Words I associate with this series. Squish, tomato, pizza, splat, bumpkin, awkward, yuri, war crimes, child abuse, farm animals. There are few things cherished in the anime world like Gundam. Rather it is the late 70s concept, the rather mid-80s flop to be followed by a rise from the ashes. It is a lot ofContinue reading “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury”

A Silly Thought Experiment With Red Dead Redemption 2

In October of 2018, Rockstar released arguably one of the greatest action adventure games of all time. A prelude (to yet another) critically acclaimed game that follows a brigade of miscreants headed by a silver-tongued anti-conformist as they find themselves on the run from the Pinkertons. Through the eyes of gunslinger Arthur Morgan, the playerContinue reading “A Silly Thought Experiment With Red Dead Redemption 2”

America And The Godfather

Out of curiosity from time to time I check to see what the internet gives coinage to when it comes to the term Great American Novel. Though the list rarely changes, full of classics like Lolita, The Whom The Bell Tolls, or literally anything written by Mark Twain. These are the type of novels thatContinue reading “America And The Godfather”

Otaku Post Top Five Manga

I am going out and doing something a little different as far as Otaku Post is concerned. I by no means have issues with top lists, honestly, I rather enjoy them because it allows me to judge my friends but it is something I rarely do. Why? You ask. Because I rarely think of thingsContinue reading “Otaku Post Top Five Manga”

My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex

If someone says one more thing about a youthful indiscretion I am going to lose my fucking mind. When it comes to anime as a whole I often find myself enjoying stupid romantic comedies more than anything else. I’m not sure why my brain is wired in such a way but when it comes toContinue reading “My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex”

The Name of the Wind

When it comes to novels, I don’t think there is a genre quite as intimidating as fantasy. Epics usually span multiple books, often well over 700 pages any choice to sit down and dive headfirst is often vetted heavily. The sheer time commitment alone that goes into one of these series is nothing to scoffContinue reading “The Name of the Wind”

Dragon Age Absolution

Heroes are supposed to be praised and welcomed. They come to protect the common people from evil and harm. Throughout storytelling this has been the case, often a subtle asterisk applied to the term. Batman is a hero but not really, he is a rich narcissistic blowhard vigilante. Oh wait, they all are. America needsContinue reading “Dragon Age Absolution”