Boy’s Abyss

Minor Spoilers of the first chapters. Picture it, you are a country bumpkin in a small ass town that will be your grave. You have little to no ambition, father walked out, grandmothers ill requiring around the clock care. You are graduating high school soon, not like It matters. Your mother takes care of herContinue reading “Boy’s Abyss”

The Quintessential Quintuplets.

Minor Spoilers In the world of anime, there is one genre that has a way to move the masses to create stans. Teams of sorts that will do anything in their power to fight for the one they deem best girl. Of course, I am talking about the one and only harems. In the worldContinue reading “The Quintessential Quintuplets.”

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

Minor Spoilers There are few works out there that have captured my heart like the Bunny Girl Senpai series. A tale of hilarious banter, a main that mirrors me a little too much, and quite literally one of the best waifus in history. So naturally, there would come a time where I would carry onContinue reading “Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl”

5 Centimeters Per Second

There are movies, then there are Shinkai, Makoto movies. Vibrant and brilliant takes that involve love, tragedy, and usually a supernatural element. However, that last bit doesn’t ring true for the 2007 film 5 Centimeters Per Second. A wonderful, mature tale of two crossed lovers who, under the victim of circumstance can not be together.Continue reading “5 Centimeters Per Second”

Namae no Nai Kaibutsu: Kumo to Shoujo to Ryouki Satsujin

As someone who is always in search of something new, something obscure, or ideally both. I was pleasantly surprised as I was on Reddit (I follow r/ Yandere, yes you should be concerned for me) and seen a page from a manga. Naturally, the good community had the sauce ready and wasting no time IContinue reading “Namae no Nai Kaibutsu: Kumo to Shoujo to Ryouki Satsujin”

Who is Jun Maeda?

When it comes to the world of anime (manga) writers there are some that a lot of casual anime viewers know most of their works but not their name. Names like Bleach author Tite Kubo, Demon Slayer’s Gotouge, Koyoharu, or even Domestic Girlfriend’s Sasuga, Kei. (you know I had to add her)But one man comesContinue reading “Who is Jun Maeda?”

Talentless Nana

Spoilers of the first episode. 2020 was a year of chaos, to put it lightly. But even with all that had happened three games took the world by storm. Gatcha game Genshin Impact, the extremely aggravating Fall Guys, and lastly the one that implemented trust issues even among the closest of friends, Among Us. ForContinue reading “Talentless Nana”