Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu

Spoiler Free Dream of a place where an attractive girl with beautiful black hair exists. Now dream, over months that all admiring black hair slowly changes to white. Add a little extra spice and make the reason this change occurred was not by her own distinction but the result of aggressive and persistent bullying fromContinue reading “Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu”

What the Fuck is the Appeal of Yanderes?

Anime culture harbors a plethora of tropes. Harems, isekai, and the well-known dere charters. Tsundere, kuudere, himederes, honestly there is a pick for everyone. There is one however that I used to like but as I’ve gotten older I cannot figure out why. The Yandere. For those who don’t know, a yandere is a veryContinue reading “What the Fuck is the Appeal of Yanderes?”

Devilman: Crybaby

Spoilers Netflix, throwing its hook into an ocean of “please make me money” nabbed an interesting catch in 2018. Ichiro Okouschi, a famed author of a hit series in the 80s simply known as “Devilman” was reeled in to create none other than Netflix’s original series, Devilman: Crybaby. And after following a cluster of sex,Continue reading “Devilman: Crybaby”

Analysis of Domestic Girlfriend to Citrus.

In a world where fucking one’s stepsister is okay, two series come to mind. America’s pornhub and Citrus. Ah shit, I meant Domestic Girlfriend and Citrus. So coming off finishing both of these series (on the latest chapter of Citrus +) I thought I might as well take the two and compare how much theyContinue reading “Analysis of Domestic Girlfriend to Citrus.”

My Personal Top 5 Tsundere

So I was thinking, what would be one way to make easy to digest content to keep my site active through the week while in at work? Short posts that show a glimpse of how I feel about certain series while being easy to break down and read. So out of this a couple ofContinue reading “My Personal Top 5 Tsundere”

Gacha Hell of Azur Lane

About a year and a half ago I was sitting at lunch with some friends at work. Shooting the breeze one of them mentioned a new phone game that their boyfriend was playing. A Chinese gacha game that’s concept was so hilarious to me I had to download just for the memes. To think atContinue reading “Gacha Hell of Azur Lane”