I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home manga

So with the news of this series receiving an anime adaption I decided to give the first 21 chapters a read and give my thoughts. Manga reviews on this site well be uncommon but I decided with the anime coming down the line it would be a good place to start. So with that, let’sContinue reading “I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home manga”


Please note spoilers are within this rant Imagine a world where you could, I don’t know. Pay a girl to play games with you. Or better yet, imagine a world where you could pay monthly to see their nudes! Now of course these are things of a far future, but maybe one day we willContinue reading “Rent-a-Girlfriend”


Authors note: Below are images and story spoilers. Everything within these writings are my own personal opinions. When Netflix and studio Orange said they would be doubling down on the furry propaganda for their platform. Honestly, I didn’t think much of it. Then, at the request of a friend, I watched Beastart and honestly, WHATContinue reading “Beastars”