Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

It was around 2009 when I first recall getting into the medium of anime. It was Bleach, specifically Rukia that turned my curiosity into a hobby that would last over a decade. Anime in the US was in a weird spot during that time, it was still seen as a bit of a weird concept,Continue reading “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train”

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

When it comes to adaptions of video games, specifically gacha phone games, well, the outcome is usually bad. Since I am an Azur Lane player, it is always the first to come to mind but there have been several game adaptions in recent years. Blade & Soul, the ever so popular Fate, and even RageContinue reading “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Spoiler Free Few studios can captivate the world the way Trigger can. Cloverworks, Kyoto, and possibly Mappa come to mind when I think of studios on equal footing but either way, the point is if a show has the Trigger logo slapped on it, I am going to watch and chances are, going to loveContinue reading “When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace”

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Spoilers What I am about to write is a negative take on a very popular series. What I want to make clear is that one, these are simply my opinions, opinions I have been very open about when it comes to the Isekai genre as a whole. And two, within the confines of these wordsContinue reading “The Rising of the Shield Hero”

Wonder Egg Priority

(Spoilers for each girls back story) Few studios in this world can produce vibrant animation much like CloverWorks. Rather it is the creepy atmosphere of The Promised Neverland, the ever so intriguing flop and collab Darling in The FranXX, or one of the most successful rom-com in recent memory Horimiya, my point is they makeContinue reading “Wonder Egg Priority”

It Is Time We Talked About RWBY

Light Spoilers Rooster Teeth created a media empire it never expected. Red V Blue took over the world with its comedic action. But out of that something else was created, a very cared for but noted series. A series I hold dear in a lot of ways. Monty Oum was a legendary animator, a forceContinue reading “It Is Time We Talked About RWBY”