I Wasn’t Much Of A Fan Of Where The Crawdads Sing

If you are a reader of mine or just happen to stop by from time to time you likely know I love anime. It is something I’ve been caught up in most of my life and one of my biggest hesitations about adding book reviews to that was the simple fact I have NOT readContinue reading “I Wasn’t Much Of A Fan Of Where The Crawdads Sing”

A Series That Almost Made Me Speechless, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Spoilers One of the most underrated things in television media is titles. Almost every episode of a show has one, and often it goes unpublished in the public eye, something brushed under the rug and missed as one binges a series. To the credit of the viewer, it isn’t something that is often paraded, AlwaysContinue reading “A Series That Almost Made Me Speechless, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”

Justin Cronin: The Passage

When it comes to mythological creatures there is one to me that stands leagues above the others. Though rather embarrassing I am admitting in this sentence that I absolutely adore vampires. I’m not exactly sure what planted this infatuation in me, but as I think back it has always been there in some capacity. EvenContinue reading “Justin Cronin: The Passage”

Lycoris Recoil Was Alright

Spoilers Anime is a fickle thing, and by that, I am referring to the trends. Certain titles strike like hot iron while other, and sometimes brilliant series fall to the wayside. Well, I guess most media is like that. Now I could think of all the shows that got hot, were controversial, and often wereContinue reading “Lycoris Recoil Was Alright”

Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At The End Of The Lane

Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one of the most influential modern fantasy writers active today. Rather it is his hit comic Sandman, his metaphor-filled American Gods, or one of my favorites the adorable Stardust. Gaiman has a distinct ability to craft very different stories using the backdrop of modern fantasy, this world of magicContinue reading “Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At The End Of The Lane”

McCarthy’s Ability To Write Villains

One of the highest honors that can be bestowed on an author is the Pulitzer Prize. It, much like many awards spanning different arts doesn’t necessarily fully encapsulate the work or necessarily the cultural impact of an author, many popular, and often brilliant authors fail to even get nominated. But in 2007 Cormac McCarthy ascendedContinue reading “McCarthy’s Ability To Write Villains”

The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.

In the year 2014, there was nothing that was quite the wet dream to any Elder Scrolls fan other than the idea of Skyrim online. Something about exploring the Nordic-dominated countryside with friends, taking on dragon priest along the way. Then, as if a blessing from the Nine Diving themselves Bethesda and Zenimax Studios rollContinue reading “The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.”