Spoiler Free Want to sound like a broken record? It’s easy, just repeat over and over how stacked the Winter 2021 season was for anime, trust me, it worked for me it can work for you. For the last bit, every Sunday morning has consisted of two cups of coffee and an early viewing ofContinue reading “Horimiya”

Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!

In 2013 Kadokawa had the big-brained idea to take historical warship, make them wholesome anime girls, launching the game turned into anime Kantai Collection. In 2017 a Chinese publisher, Yostar said ‘you know what? Fuck Akagi being a wholesome senpai, what if we made her a T posing yandere instead?’ that fated choice spurred threeContinue reading “Azur Lane: Slow Ahead!”


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