I want to be bullied by Nagatoro……. Yeah, I’ll get in line.

My dream is to be a novelist, sorta. I love telling stories, I love writing, but my love for text is lacking. Most of what I read is in the form of manga, which limits my natural writing ability, in short, if you want to write novels, It’s important to read. So picture a world,Continue reading “I want to be bullied by Nagatoro……. Yeah, I’ll get in line.”

Victim-blaming 101: Koikimo

I feel it is safe to say taboo has a solid footing when it comes to the medium of anime. I recently discussed age gap, but even beyond that there are plenty of series that show teacher-student relationships, incest romance between siblings, harems galore, actually, I would say taboo is so well footed that thereContinue reading “Victim-blaming 101: Koikimo”

We Are About to Experience the Peak of What Nagatoro Can Offer

I have been slacking a lot when it comes to seasonal shows. I am two weeks behind on Koikimo, one week behind on Higehiro, and like, I don’t know seven-week behind on eighty-six. Though I cannot totally say it has been lack of time that has lead to this but more the fact I haveContinue reading “We Are About to Experience the Peak of What Nagatoro Can Offer”

My Love Affair With A Rainbow Haired Vampire.

Work, travel, and nuking a 31 thousand word book I was working on in efforts to un-fuck it have all be heavy on my mind. This has lead me to be short on time to write or even consume any content. So as I was sitting here at my girlfriend’s house in royal Tennessee rackingContinue reading “My Love Affair With A Rainbow Haired Vampire.”

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

It was around 2009 when I first recall getting into the medium of anime. It was Bleach, specifically Rukia that turned my curiosity into a hobby that would last over a decade. Anime in the US was in a weird spot during that time, it was still seen as a bit of a weird concept,Continue reading “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train”

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

When it comes to adaptions of video games, specifically gacha phone games, well, the outcome is usually bad. Since I am an Azur Lane player, it is always the first to come to mind but there have been several game adaptions in recent years. Blade & Soul, the ever so popular Fate, and even RageContinue reading “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Spoiler Free Few studios can captivate the world the way Trigger can. Cloverworks, Kyoto, and possibly Mappa come to mind when I think of studios on equal footing but either way, the point is if a show has the Trigger logo slapped on it, I am going to watch and chances are, going to loveContinue reading “When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace”