The War of the Archons

As an avid Audible user, I often find myself looking through their Plus Catalog, books, and podcasts that are tied in with the monthly subscription. I had finished The Godfather, had a couple of weeks before my next credit, and wanted to start a new adventure. Most of the Plus Catalog is things like classic,Continue reading “The War of the Archons”

America And The Godfather

Out of curiosity from time to time I check to see what the internet gives coinage to when it comes to the term Great American Novel. Though the list rarely changes, full of classics like Lolita, The Whom The Bell Tolls, or literally anything written by Mark Twain. These are the type of novels thatContinue reading “America And The Godfather”

The Name of the Wind

When it comes to novels, I don’t think there is a genre quite as intimidating as fantasy. Epics usually span multiple books, often well over 700 pages any choice to sit down and dive headfirst is often vetted heavily. The sheer time commitment alone that goes into one of these series is nothing to scoffContinue reading “The Name of the Wind”

After A Decade Cormac McCarthy Published a New Novel: The Passenger

In 2006, Cormac McCarthy wrote a bleak and painful story about a man and his son surviving in an apocalyptical America as they travel, documenting what they experienced. The Road would go on to win a Pulitzer Prize in fiction gaining yet another accolade for an author who had already cemented himself as the fatherContinue reading “After A Decade Cormac McCarthy Published a New Novel: The Passenger”

Gideon The Ninth

In September 2019, a fever dream of a fantasy book was published, acclaiming not only the Hugo Nominee for the best novel but a relatively tight-knit following. A tale of a knight and a necromancer whose life’s purpose is to make one another miserable. I am, of course, talking about Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth,Continue reading “Gideon The Ninth”

A Top 2022 Pick: I’m Glad My Mom Died

Authors Note: This story covers traumatic experiences that I mention. I wasn’t well versed in TV shows growing up, spending most of my childhood ignorant of shows outside of Digimon, Pokemon, and Teen Titans. However, there was one show that stood out to me in my teenage years, a show about video bloggers, iCarly. FastContinue reading “A Top 2022 Pick: I’m Glad My Mom Died”

Winterset Hollow

Most of the books I’ve read this year had been due to a whim review or comment on the Internet. Though the general quality of these books varies one of these I found rather charming was Jonathan Edward Durham Winterset Hollow. A horror book wrapped in a fairy tale children’s story. Now taking into considerationContinue reading “Winterset Hollow”


In 1955 Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov published one of the most complicated American novels that would cement his name as a literary icon. This book, often praised for its excellent use of prose cast something in American culture that evolved into well, romanticizing pedophilia. This, odd cultural event that swept across the US intoContinue reading “Lolita”

I Wasn’t Much Of A Fan Of Where The Crawdads Sing

If you are a reader of mine or just happen to stop by from time to time you likely know I love anime. It is something I’ve been caught up in most of my life and one of my biggest hesitations about adding book reviews to that was the simple fact I have NOT readContinue reading “I Wasn’t Much Of A Fan Of Where The Crawdads Sing”

Justin Cronin: The Passage

When it comes to mythological creatures there is one to me that stands leagues above the others. Though rather embarrassing I am admitting in this sentence that I absolutely adore vampires. I’m not exactly sure what planted this infatuation in me, but as I think back it has always been there in some capacity. EvenContinue reading “Justin Cronin: The Passage”