Who Is Makoto Shinkai

It’s 2021 and being into anime today is more acceptable than it ever has been. Now there are a lot of factors to this, rather it is Netflix funding a ton of series, or Crunchyroll and Funimation each trying to bring more and more content to the US. But there is one overarching shift thatContinue reading “Who Is Makoto Shinkai”

Tagging Anime With Color!

I am late, but I’ve always been a slow bloomer to such things. Welcome to my Tagging Anime With Color! Expect one thing that isn’t anime because fuck me if I make things simple. First and foremost thanks (and check out) Edy over at Convoluted Situation for tagging me. This is a little outside ofContinue reading “Tagging Anime With Color!”

Who is Jun Maeda?

When it comes to the world of anime (manga) writers there are some that a lot of casual anime viewers know most of their works but not their name. Names like Bleach author Tite Kubo, Demon Slayer’s Gotouge, Koyoharu, or even Domestic Girlfriend’s Sasuga, Kei. (you know I had to add her)But one man comesContinue reading “Who is Jun Maeda?”

Why I Fucking Hate Isekai

Picture this. You are walking home one day, it’s a cold winter night and you ran out to get some coffee for a cram session before exams. Trying to mind your own business you happen to look across the street catching a fleeting glimpse of the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. Enamored yourContinue reading “Why I Fucking Hate Isekai”

Age In Anime

Anime is a medium-full of things that from the outside, look a bit strange. Whenever anything anime-related comes up with my friends that are not weebs of any sort, one of the biggest thing they like to poke fun at, is the age of the characters. And to be honest, it is a bit hardContinue reading “Age In Anime”

What the Fuck is the Appeal of Yanderes?

Anime culture harbors a plethora of tropes. Harems, isekai, and the well-known dere charters. Tsundere, kuudere, himederes, honestly there is a pick for everyone. There is one however that I used to like but as I’ve gotten older I cannot figure out why. The Yandere. For those who don’t know, a yandere is a veryContinue reading “What the Fuck is the Appeal of Yanderes?”

Analysis of Domestic Girlfriend to Citrus.

In a world where fucking one’s stepsister is okay, two series come to mind. America’s pornhub and Citrus. Ah shit, I meant Domestic Girlfriend and Citrus. So coming off finishing both of these series (on the latest chapter of Citrus +) I thought I might as well take the two and compare how much theyContinue reading “Analysis of Domestic Girlfriend to Citrus.”

My Personal Top 5 Tsundere

So I was thinking, what would be one way to make easy to digest content to keep my site active through the week while in at work? Short posts that show a glimpse of how I feel about certain series while being easy to break down and read. So out of this a couple ofContinue reading “My Personal Top 5 Tsundere”