A Silly Thought Experiment With Red Dead Redemption 2

In October of 2018, Rockstar released arguably one of the greatest action adventure games of all time. A prelude (to yet another) critically acclaimed game that follows a brigade of miscreants headed by a silver-tongued anti-conformist as they find themselves on the run from the Pinkertons. Through the eyes of gunslinger Arthur Morgan, the playerContinue reading “A Silly Thought Experiment With Red Dead Redemption 2”

Dragon Age Absolution

Heroes are supposed to be praised and welcomed. They come to protect the common people from evil and harm. Throughout storytelling this has been the case, often a subtle asterisk applied to the term. Batman is a hero but not really, he is a rich narcissistic blowhard vigilante. Oh wait, they all are. America needsContinue reading “Dragon Age Absolution”

The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.

In the year 2014, there was nothing that was quite the wet dream to any Elder Scrolls fan other than the idea of Skyrim online. Something about exploring the Nordic-dominated countryside with friends, taking on dragon priest along the way. Then, as if a blessing from the Nine Diving themselves Bethesda and Zenimax Studios rollContinue reading “The Only MMORPG To Take Over 2K Hours Of My Life.”

The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2

So when it comes to favorite things, like most people it usually isn’t black and white. My favorite bands? Well, I usually ring off the same five, rappers, on the other hand, that would be Kendrick Lamar. Favorite basketball player? All-time J.J. Reddick, In reference to the NBA, that’s the bearded Harden. The point IContinue reading “The Heroic Tale of Dragon Age Origin. The Tragedy of 2”

Gacha Hell of Azur Lane

About a year and a half ago I was sitting at lunch with some friends at work. Shooting the breeze one of them mentioned a new phone game that their boyfriend was playing. A Chinese gacha game that’s concept was so hilarious to me I had to download just for the memes. To think atContinue reading “Gacha Hell of Azur Lane”