Otaku Post Top Five Manga

I am going out and doing something a little different as far as Otaku Post is concerned. I by no means have issues with top lists, honestly, I rather enjoy them because it allows me to judge my friends but it is something I rarely do. Why? You ask. Because I rarely think of thingsContinue reading “Otaku Post Top Five Manga”

What Nanashi Is Doing With Nagatoro Not Only Does The Series Justice, But The Whole Genre

My admiration for Nagatoro is well published (Here) it has quickly become one of my favorite romcoms of all time, starting out as your run-of-mill girl bullies guy it was heavily criticized in a lot of circles for being too mean. Which, I get, Nagatoro did make fun of his dream and make him cryContinue reading “What Nanashi Is Doing With Nagatoro Not Only Does The Series Justice, But The Whole Genre”

A Rare Manhwa Read: Secret Alliance

I am not much of a Manhwa expert. What was once its own page on Otakupost I quickly removed, grouping up the Korean comics with Manga. Why do you ask? Simple, for over eight months only one story even appeared under that tag, Miss Mystic. Now ignoring the fact that story is 90% porn, IContinue reading “A Rare Manhwa Read: Secret Alliance”

I Read Strange Manga: One Room of Happiness

Think of a world as I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home, except Sayu is a middle schooler, Yoshida is a masking-wearing stalker and instead of being a tormented girl saved by a good fella, she instead indulges in toxic sometimes homicidal actions. One Room of Happiness is a series that takesContinue reading “I Read Strange Manga: One Room of Happiness”

Chainsaw Man

Spoilers Every great once in a while a manga comes along that upends the community. I am talking about heavy hitters that define seasons, instantly becoming classic sometimes before they are even adapted. Series like Attack On Titan, The Promised Neverland, or My Hero Academia. Joining those ranks is a single arc 2018 series pennedContinue reading “Chainsaw Man”

A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir

Spoilers When it comes to manga series I have read this year there as been one unfinished (as of writing) 68 chapter story that really stood out to me. Being a Spring 2020 anime, I first got interesting in this bizarre, monster type thriller where a unlikely duo team up, trying to dig up theirContinue reading “A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir”

I Spent A Saturday Reading: Can You Just Die, My Darling? And Here We Are.

Dream up a world where people find themselves so deeply in love with others that they are overcome with this strong pitting desire to kill them. Yeah, it sounds pretty fucking stupid but deals with me for a second. On a whim, I decided to read all 57 chapters of a manga that is basedContinue reading “I Spent A Saturday Reading: Can You Just Die, My Darling? And Here We Are.”

Experiencing A Masterwork One-Shot: Look Back

“If you wake up in a house that’s full of smoke, don’t panic, call me and I will tell you a joke”-Bo Burnham. Art is objectively human. Rather it is in the form of word, animation, song, or canvas. For centuries man has tried to encapsulate the very idea of what it means to beContinue reading “Experiencing A Masterwork One-Shot: Look Back”

Checking in on Team CFVY: RWBY After The Fall

Spoilers of RWBY Season 1-8. One of the most interesting things about the world of RWBY is how much, we as viewers, don’t get to experience. Neopolitan is hands down one, if not my favorite waifu of the series narrowly beating out Weiss, and here is the kicker, we know little to nothing about her.Continue reading “Checking in on Team CFVY: RWBY After The Fall”