GE – Good Ending

Spoiler free Domestic Girlfriend is a lot like doing a line of cocaine. It hits, chapter after chapter it leaves something within you that longs to be filled. And then, after that last page, it leaves that hole empty, never quite giving you the satisfaction that is longed for. So with that feeling, I decidedContinue reading “GE – Good Ending”

Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu

Spoiler Free Dream of a place where an attractive girl with beautiful black hair exists. Now dream, over months that all admiring black hair slowly changes to white. Add a little extra spice and make the reason this change occurred was not by her own distinction but the result of aggressive and persistent bullying fromContinue reading “Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu”

Mato Seihei No Slave

Spoilers ahead for this series and the Akame series. Coming from the brain of Akame Ga Kill author, Takahiro. Is a new horny adventure action series that takes place in a world where monsters exist and females gain powers by consuming ‘Peaches.’ With these powers, they fight within the plane of Mato, home of theContinue reading “Mato Seihei No Slave”

Domestic Girlfriend

Authors Note: Major Spoilers Ahead Sometimes you stumble upon a Shonen Jump weekly that, well. Makes you want to scream literally every second of the 277 chapters that unfold in front of you. Leaving one defeated, enthralled, and just fucking confused about what they just read. It is in this rare moment that one mayContinue reading “Domestic Girlfriend”

I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home manga

So with the news of this series receiving an anime adaption I decided to give the first 21 chapters a read and give my thoughts. Manga reviews on this site well be uncommon but I decided with the anime coming down the line it would be a good place to start. So with that, let’sContinue reading “I shaved. Then I brought a high school girl home manga”