Otaku Post Top Five Manga

I am going out and doing something a little different as far as Otaku Post is concerned. I by no means have issues with top lists, honestly, I rather enjoy them because it allows me to judge my friends but it is something I rarely do. Why? You ask. Because I rarely think of thingsContinue reading “Otaku Post Top Five Manga”

A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir

Spoilers When it comes to manga series I have read this year there as been one unfinished (as of writing) 68 chapter story that really stood out to me. Being a Spring 2020 anime, I first got interesting in this bizarre, monster type thriller where a unlikely duo team up, trying to dig up theirContinue reading “A Manga I Enjoyed Way More Than I Should Have: Gleipnir”


Authors Note: Spoilers, also A Rascale Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpia soft spoiler. So, when one watches enough anime there comes a time where they will need a pallet cleanser. Now for me these cleansers are those echhi trash shows that come by from time to time. Some of these that come toContinue reading “Gleipnir”