Top 5 Anime Confessions

Confessions are something any and all anime fans long for. Rather it is post getting hit by a truck, starting one of the more adorable romances I’ve ever seen. Or in the middle of the rant, seemingly glossed over. And don’t even get me started on the rush of serotonin that comes after a longContinue reading “Top 5 Anime Confessions”

Oreimo: The Meme I Fell In Love With

What I am about to write is a head-on collision with moral ethics that has been a long time coming. I’ve always had an affinity for words, putting pen to paper to tell stories or describe things I find interesting. Anime in a lot of ways made for the perfect pairing. I picked up thisContinue reading “Oreimo: The Meme I Fell In Love With”

When a Sister Complex Brother and a Brother Complex Sister Become Honest

Spoilers marked below. It snowed, so after binging a manga I shouldn’t have binged on Sunday, I find myself having time to write about it. Now there is something that some of you may know, or figured out by now. I am a rather large fan of the Imouto genre. For those who don’t know,Continue reading “When a Sister Complex Brother and a Brother Complex Sister Become Honest”

Age In Anime

Anime is a medium-full of things that from the outside, look a bit strange. Whenever anything anime-related comes up with my friends that are not weebs of any sort, one of the biggest thing they like to poke fun at, is the age of the characters. And to be honest, it is a bit hardContinue reading “Age In Anime”