Checking in on Team CFVY: RWBY After The Fall

Spoilers of RWBY Season 1-8. One of the most interesting things about the world of RWBY is how much, we as viewers, don’t get to experience. Neopolitan is hands down one, if not my favorite waifu of the series narrowly beating out Weiss, and here is the kicker, we know little to nothing about her.Continue reading “Checking in on Team CFVY: RWBY After The Fall”

It Is Time We Talked About RWBY

Light Spoilers Rooster Teeth created a media empire it never expected. Red V Blue took over the world with its comedic action. But out of that something else was created, a very cared for but noted series. A series I hold dear in a lot of ways. Monty Oum was a legendary animator, a forceContinue reading “It Is Time We Talked About RWBY”