I Do Love Vampires: Call Of The Night

Spoilers Apathy is a hell of a thing. When I say that I don’t mean it in the sense of aloof indifference. I am more referring to the complete disinterest in any things. It kind of reminds me of a part from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest where a psychiatric patient is being interviewed aboutContinue reading “I Do Love Vampires: Call Of The Night”

Justin Cronin: The Passage

When it comes to mythological creatures there is one to me that stands leagues above the others. Though rather embarrassing I am admitting in this sentence that I absolutely adore vampires. I’m not exactly sure what planted this infatuation in me, but as I think back it has always been there in some capacity. EvenContinue reading “Justin Cronin: The Passage”

Seraph Of The End, the vampire super power that overstayed it’s welcome.

When it comes to vampire stories many of them exist but few finding themselves among the Shonen Jump tag. Takaya Kagami epic Seraph Of The End however finds itself comfortably over 100 chapters within the publisher. A story about the fall of man and the rise of vampires, eight years ago a tragedy befell theContinue reading “Seraph Of The End, the vampire super power that overstayed it’s welcome.”