How Not To Handle A Diplomatic Cluster: Terror In Resonance

Let me paint a picture for you readers out there. It’s mid-summer, the sun making any activity outside unbearably miserable. A faint scent of chlorine calls you towards a small pool, the scent getting stronger as you get closer and closer. Added with the smell is the sound of girls talking, a not-so-friendly banter asContinue reading “How Not To Handle A Diplomatic Cluster: Terror In Resonance”

Telling Stories With Music: Carole And Tuesday.

‘He said there’s things that I wanna fix But you know this shit n*gga, politics Don’t stop fighting and don’t stop believing You can make the world better for your kids before you leave it’ -J. Cole Music is one of the oldest arts to grace man, and like most arts, can be used toContinue reading “Telling Stories With Music: Carole And Tuesday.”