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Spoilers Imagine a world where you are a hot mess of a teen who badly just wants a boyfriend. You’re then thrown into a strict all-girls school and quickly discover that you and every girl in town are lesbians. Turns out your name is Yuzu Aihara and you are one of the main heroines inContinue reading “Citrus”

Gacha Hell of Azur Lane

About a year and a half ago I was sitting at lunch with some friends at work. Shooting the breeze one of them mentioned a new phone game that their boyfriend was playing. A Chinese gacha game that’s concept was so hilarious to me I had to download just for the memes. To think atContinue reading “Gacha Hell of Azur Lane”

Miss Mystic

No Spoilers Webtoons are things that I am not the most familiar with. It is a world I knew existed but the ones I had read most of the time feel flat. Added with a strange art and writing style they weren’t exactly something that would itch my Manga scratch. Then while listening to TrashContinue reading “Miss Mystic”

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